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Community Investment

CIT and OneWest Bank are dedicated to meeting the credit needs of the Southern California community through investments and providing banking services.

Reinvesting in the Community

CIT and OneWest Bank are dedicated to the Southern California community, including meeting the needs of low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and consumers as consistent with safe and sound banking practices. Our Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) plan was developed with input from our Community Advisory Board, which includes members of community-based organizations in Southern California. We met with more than 25 organizations, held open public meetings, and conducted a written survey of 49 different community organizations to develop a comprehensive plan.

Learn about our CRA loan program and discover how we help Southern Californians obtain safe, secure and affordable housing.

Pie chart with percentages of types of organizations CIT provides grants to for our CRA plan: 24% Economic Development, 24% Affordable Housing, 22% At-Risk Youth, 19% Financial Literacy, 9% Wellness, 2% Other

Southern California Grants

As part of our CRA plan, we prioritize providing grants to nonprofit organizations that provide community benefits. This chart highlights some of the types of organizations we have provided grants to as part of this effort. 

Our Partners

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