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    CSR Achievements

    CIT takes pride in the work it does to invest in communities and create a thriving workplace with the highest level of integrity. Read about some of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts to learn more.

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  • Graduation cap for higher education



    receiving financial education through a partnership with the Cecil Murray Center at USC



    Young People

    supported with financial education through Junior Achievement partnership in Southern California

    Apartment building



    committed to develop 7,000 affordable housing units

    Small business storefront



    for small business development and housing through Templo Calvario partnership

    Dollar symbol for money



    for down payment assistance program with city of Los Angeles

    Carrot and vegetables



    of vegetables planted for hunger relief




    planted through Gratitude & Growth effort

    Windmill renewable energy source



    of renewable energy investments

  • Our CSR Priorities

    Empowering Communities

    CIT aims to enable financial and personal empowerment through education, access and inclusion. In addition to having financed 100,000+ small businesses nationwide, CIT also supports financial education and access to affordable housing programs, primarily in Southern California. Access to information, programs and capital to drive financial empowerment is an important step in building thriving communities.

    Supporting the Environment

    In 2017 alone, CIT provided financing for solar and wind power projects that are capable of generating nearly 1,300 megawatts of electricity with zero greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we launched a social responsibility program called Gratitude & Growth, which led to more than 18,000 trees being planted in California and Florida, two states where CIT has a significant footprint.

    Fostering Wellness

    We invest in the wellness of employees and communities by supporting initiatives to drive health and well-being. From planting gardens for hunger relief agencies to supporting cycling fundraisers for cancer research and delivering support for natural disaster relief, CIT lends a helping hand. We also celebrate Balance and Wellness Month with programs to promote a healthy lifestyle for employees.

  • Launch and Grow Video Speaker

    Encouraging Businesses to Launch + Grow

    In 2018, CIT developed a small business empowerment series in partnership with Operation HOPE to provide small business owners with tools and tips for success. The series featured videos showcasing stories of entrepreneurship from a diverse group of small business owners, and also offered informative articles as resources for business owners.

    Explore the series