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Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Leasing and Financing

Is it time to upgrade your repair shop’s diagnostic equipment? Do you need new fuel pressure testers, code readers, thermometers, air bag scan tools, emissions analyzers, or electrical testers? Good equipment certainly isn’t cheap, and you may not be willing or able to shell out thousands to afford new gear. If you would rather not take on the financial burden of purchasing expensive new equipment you should consider automotive diagnostic equipment leasing! Here at CIT, we have extensive experience and industry connections to finance the gear you need at a much more affordable cost than buying outright. Our automotive diagnostic equipment finance options can help you improve your shop, promote faster turnaround time, increase customer satisfaction, and much more.

Benefits of Automotive Diagnostic Equipment Leasing

When you work with CIT to acquire automotive diagnostic equipment financing, it is really the best of both worlds—access to top of the line gear, but at a fraction of the retail purchase price. No longer will you have to worry about trying to sell off your old, obsolete gear that nobody wants to buy anymore. Now, you can simply upgrade your equipment and hand it all back to the leasing company once the contract comes up for renewal or cancellation. Here are a few other important considerations to leasing equipment.


Your tax professional can explain these advantages as they relate to your business in greater detail, but as a general rule, there are very specific and substantial tax benefits to be had when leasing, rather than buying, your automotive equipment. If you could use a break next time tax season rolls around, you may find it in equipment leasing.


If you have had to purchase pre-owned, rather than new, automotive equipment in the past due to financial limitations, your options are typically pretty narrow. On the other hand, when you lease your automotive diagnostic equipment from a leasing company, you have a huge variety of products to select from! Wouldn’t it be nice to finally be able to pick and choose the perfect tools for you and your mechanics?


CIT has the expertise you need to make obtaining an automotive diagnostic equipment lease or loan a breeze. With more than a century of experience to fall back on, we provide you with real-life financial solutions that can help your repair shop grow and thrive. Our customer service is excellent, and our programs are flexible.

Ready to get started?

Isn’t it time you upgraded your shop tools and helped your business flourish? Please call us at 866-777-0117 to learn more about our automotive diagnostic equipment loans. Our team would be pleased to answer any questions you may have, or help you begin the financing application process.