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CNC machine leasing and financing

The process of CNC machining allows you to control machine tools for your business. At CIT, the process of CNC machine leasing allows you to control the success of your business as a whole. We understand how costly it can be to purchase all the equipment you need to be truly successful at machining, and we make it easy to afford what you need. Since 1908, we have offered customers the financing options they need to improve their businesses, and we are waiting to offer you those same options.

Benefits of CNC machine leasing

There are a lot of tools that require the use of CNC machines. This may include a router, grinder, mill, or lathe. If you do not have the funds to purchase the CNC machine, you may not be able to use your other equipment either. The good news is that at CIT, we can provide you with a CNC machine loan that will help you stay in business. The following are some of the reasons why a CNC tool loan is the way to go.

Varying needs

Your company may have very different needs than the next. While you may use your CNC machine for a lathe, someone else might use theirs for a grinder. With such different needs, your CNC machine needs to be the right type. With financing options that you can afford, you are given the opportunity to find the perfect machine to satisfy the needs of your company and your customers.

Fewer risks

Leasing is an option that does not come with many risks. In fact, ownership poses risks of its own. Without being the outright owner of the equipment, you will not have to face those risks. Without that added stress, workplace production is often increased, and the demands of your company can be more easily met.

More efficiency

Being able to afford the equipment that you need can help you to be more efficient at work. An outdated or improper piece of equipment can really cripple production. CNC equipment leasing with CIT allows you to purchase what you need in order to be the most efficient. We also offer lease options for the equipment that is used with the CNC machines.

More capital

Perhaps the greatest benefit of CNC milling machine financing is that the capital in your business is not tied up. When you need money to pay an additional employee or to pay your utility bills, you will have what you need. With small monthly payments and a lease agreement, your capital is freed up for you to use as you see fit.

Ready to get started?

For top-notch CNC milling machine leasing, contact CIT. We have over 100 years in the business, helping customers just like you afford the equipment they need to improve business and control the success that they experience. Whether your CNC machining equipment is outdated or you simply want a new finance option, fill out our online application and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can.