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Computer equipment leasing and financing

Our team of financial professionals is one of the best in the commercial finance industry, and we have years of experience in helping companies like yours support their growth with financing options.

Financing for your small business needs

We know that the costs of expanding your small business' IT capabilities with new computer equipment can be quite high, which is why we like to encourage you to finance or lease that equipment as opposed to purchasing it outright. 

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Offer financing to your customers

Sell your customers the computer equipment and technology they need to keep their business updated with financing. When you offer financing through CIT, you give those customers purchasing power and empower them to succeed while enabling your own success.

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Benefits of computer leasing

You may wonder why you would want to lease your new computers when you can buy them, especially given that there are so many financial services out there offering computer financing options. After all, you know that you’ll continue to need the equipment; why not make it yours up front, right? We’re here to show you the many benefits that can come through computer leasing. 


Leasing your computers instead of purchasing them with a computer loan makes updating your equipment that much easier. Advances in computer processing technology can make today’s units obsolete by tomorrow. If you own those units, you’re stuck with having to either sell them to finance the purchase of new equipment, or to simply make do with what you have.


By leasing your business computer equipment, you’re not tying up your working capital or limiting your company’s borrowing power. This allows you the financial freedom to apply those resources to other areas. 


Most of those lenders that offer computer financing services require that you offer up a large upfront payment in order to do so. A computer leasing agreement through us here at CIT requires no money up front. Plus, your payments stay consistent throughout the term of your lease agreement.

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Growing your company requires that you take advantage of every capital source available to you. We’re here to help you support your company’s growing computer infrastructure by providing you with funds you need in order to finance a computer.