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Dental Practice Seating Leasing and Financing

Comfortable seating in a dental office does not just refer to the seat that the patient sits in. The dentist, hygienists, and assistants should all be comfortable as well. We offer dental seating leasing with financing options that you are likely to be able to afford. We are committed to making sure you have the funds to make everything in your dental office look just right. As one of the most experienced dental seating leasing companies around, we will help you afford the seats that you need for your dental practice.

Benefits of Dental Seating Leasing

When it comes to the seats in a dental office, comfort may be the first thing that comes to mind; not particularly because you think that all dental seats are comfortable, but perhaps because you think they should be. Comfort is obviously an important part of dental seating for both the patient and the dental professionals. The following are some of the benefits of leasing the right seats for your dental practice.


There are varying needs in every dental office. Obviously, each office will require a dental chair for the patients, but the hygienists, assistants, receptionists, and dentist will all need different types of seats to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Dental seating leasing allows you to find the right chairs for every need.


Having the right seating in your dental office will help you project a professional image to your patients, both current and potential. Chairs that match in color and design give an especially pleasing effect for patients who are looking for the most professional atmosphere.


Leasing the equipment you need for your dental office allows you to come up with a financial plan that is customized to your situation. Your plan may include components such as the overall cash flow of the practice, your budget, cyclical fluctuations, and transactions. One example includes the option to have higher payments scheduled during busier times of the year to even out the budget.

Ready to get started?

To learn more about the seat leasing options that we have for those in the dental industry, or to find out what types of dental seating finance options we offer, contact us today. Call us at 866-777-0117 or fill out our easy-to-use online application and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.