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Labeling Equipment Leasing and Financing

There is a lot that goes into building a brand, and as a printing company you can help clients build their brand by providing printed labels for a wide variety of products and applications. The key to meeting the demands of an ever-growing marketplace of labels for small and medium businesses is to have commercial and industrial machines that can help turn a client’s vision into a reality.

Benefits of Labeling Equipment Leasing

With the rate that technology changes and improves today, it seems like as soon as you purchase a piece of labeling equipment there is a newer, better, faster, or cheaper model available. That’s why leasing has become such a popular option for small businesses, because you can keep your equipment up to date every year without constantly reinvesting in new machinery.


A benefit of labeling equipment loans is the ability to accurately predict your monthly expenses. Labeling equipment financing, as with any financing, gives you a pre-determined monthly payment so you can budget confidently, without worrying about unexpected costs that could come up. 


Staying on top of the latest advances in labeling printing equipment means that you can offer your clients better products, faster turnarounds, and more customization. If you’re wondering how you can get the latest in commercial labeling machines without significantly affecting your monthly cash flow, the answer is often labeling equipment leasing.


When you have a lease agreement in place, you can confidently upgrade to new technologies as they are introduced and cycle out old technologies. If you’re looking to expand into the digital labeling and printing age, don’t spend money on purchasing equipment that could become obsolete in a short time—that often leads to short-term losses and an inability to adapt to changing market conditions. Instead, consider leasing to remain flexible for whatever your business needs are in the future.


CIT can also help your business find a labeling equipment loan with no upfront costs or down payments, which is a great benefit for small businesses that want to keep cash flow reserves stocked. Small businesses should not have to make a choice between raising prices to cover equipment costs and keeping costs low to remain competitive in the marketplace. Labeling equipment leases give you the benefit of avoiding large one-time capital expenditures so you can keep prices low and profits high.

At CIT, we realize that you may have a need for various types of presses, or you might just need one. Either way, we offer financing for multiple types of machines so that you are able to provide the most accurate and efficient work for your customers. Some of the equipment we finance includes: H-frames and C-frames, Arbor type presses, high-speed presses, straight-side presses, O.B.I., single and two-point gap, and pneumatic toggle presses.

Ready to get started?

Better labeling technology can help you meet your customers’ needs for speedy delivery, low prices, large orders, and high quality. If you are ready to take a step toward growing your existing printing business, talk to CIT about labeling equipment finance options that can make your printing business more competitive. Call our Finance Managers at 866-777-0117 to discuss your unique situation and find a customized solution for your financing needs.