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Printing Equipment Leasing and Financing

Running a print shop is about more than just being able to print out a few fliers for your clients. You need the latest technology in order to be able to print commercial, color, and large format items with high quality, low costs, and fast turnaround times so you can keep up with your clients’ needs.

Financing for your small business needs

If you have discovered that your current printing equipment isn’t enough to meet the demands of your growing business, consider the benefits of financing or leasing printing equipment to expand your operations.

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Sell your customers the print and specialty graphics equipment and technology they need to keep their business updated with financing. When you offer financing through CIT, you give those customers purchasing power and empower them to succeed while enabling your own success.

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Benefits of leasing printing equipment

Leasing equipment can be a great option, especially if you’re the owner of small printing businesses and you don’t have a lot of surplus cash to buy all the machinery you need. Leasing equipment may not be the perfect solution in every case, but for many small business owners it is the answer to staying on top of emerging printing technology, financing growth in the business, and testing out new services that will add value for your clients. It also prevents excessive wear and tear on machines by allowing you to switch old printers for new ones every few years without a significant capital outlay. Printing equipment leasing can provide your shop with many of the following benefits. 

New technology

Leasing enables you to keep up with the latest technology without spending excess cash on equipment all the time. New technology is a reality for every business today, but especially in the printing industry. In addition to expanding your product line and making it easier for you to fulfill your customers’ needs, new technology can give you an advantage over your competitors. By leasing printing equipment you have the opportunity to try new equipment and discover if it will benefit your printing business, without a long-term commitment. 


One of the biggest challenges that many small printing businesses face is securing the right financing for the printers and other machines that they need to expand your business. That’s where CIT comes in—we can help you with a range of financing options, such as printing equipment loans, financing, and leasing. Printing equipment financing eliminates or significantly reduces maintenance and supply costs. You will also enjoy potential tax benefits when you lease printing equipment.  You should speak with your accountant about your specific tax situation.


With the right technology you can offer a range of services to your clients to meet all their printing needs, but you need to have relevant equipment in order to stay at the top of the game. By using a printing equipment finance program your customers can count on you to have what they need for all different types of printing jobs. There is a wide variety of equipment to choose from when you’re expanding your printing business, including:

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