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Software Leasing and Financing

To keep up with your business competitors, you must have access to the latest software available in your industry. Yet business management and equipment operating software isn’t often available for a low cost, even at the discounted rates that many manufacturers will offer to companies or corporations. Plus, at the rate at which new versions are introduced, the software currently powering your business today could be obsolete by tomorrow. CIT can help by providing you with the funds needed to support a software finance agreement for your company. Our team understands the importance of having access to the most current version of business software for your operations. We encourage our clients to consider software leasing instead of buying.

Benefits of Software Leasing

Information technology advancements demand the continuous updating of a company’s software package. Buy or lease? Your company’s current business needs should ultimately determine your decision.


Controlling cash flow is a critical component of every company’s success. That’s why leasing equipment, including software packages, has proven to be so successful. Software leasing allows you to better manage your company’s cash flow by:

  • Avoiding a hefty upfront capital outlay
  • Reducing the risk of being saddled with obsolete technolog
  • Making the budget process easier with pre-set monthly lease payments.


A software financing package gives you the best of both worlds: access to up-to-date business software and the security of knowing that you can upgrade when needed without accruing a significant financial loss. Meanwhile, leasing software through a provider puts the onus of managing software updates on that provider, freeing you to focus your efforts on your core capabilities.

Ready to get started?

Protect your company from being tied to outdated software. A software leasing package from the financing experts at CIT may be your company’s answer to keeping up with all its computer software needs. We have the tools to help you afford a quality software financing agreement with a trusted leasing company. Give us a call today at 866-777-0117 to learn how we can help you.