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Tips From One Small Business Owner to Another

“Human capital is the most valuable asset for most organizations. Treat it accordingly.”

At CIT, we’re often inspired by the wisdom of the small business owners we work with. That’s why we’re sharing quotes from our small business customers about pushing through tough times, developing customer relationships and more. The above quote comes from one of our customers who runs a laundry and cleaning business.

We hope you find this advice helpful as you navigate the challenges of growing a small business.

Spending and making money

“A longtime friend told me when I started out, ‘you have to spend money to make money.’ At first I thought that was a foolish approach. Turns out that is very true, and CIT made that very possible for us to grow. We were able to purchase large machinery that continually makes the company money.” – Metallizing company owner

Work honestly

“The best advice I can give at this point in my career is to never give up, not for one second. Keep your thinking cap charged at all times. Work with the people you deal with and be honest. Today all a [person] really has is [their] word. Give it sincerely and keep it.” – Transportation company owner

Pushing forward

“When you think you're done for the day, do one more thing. And make sure the thing you do pushes your company forward.” – Winery owner

Good relationships and trust

“You just got to keep after whatever goal you are after. It’s hard though. Create a good relationship with your clients/customers. If you are doing a great job, your customers will make sure you don't fail because they know you are capable of doing the job, and there are so many out here that are not trustworthy. Trust is the key to success.” - Freight shipping company owner

Do whatever it takes

“My main focus is to have a ‘do whatever it takes’ mentality and work harder for the customer than anyone else would. You only get better by doing more. Just because you have a good month does not give you breathing room to take time off and get complacent. You have to look months into the future and at projections.” – Owner of a service company for the power and cement industries

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