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5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Small Business This Fall

With temperatures dropping and the leaves beginning to turn (at least up here in the Northeast!), it’s time to embrace autumn by preparing your business for the last few months of 2018. Regardless of whether summer was busy or slow for your industry, businesses of all types can take this transitional time to review processes and performance from the year thus far while setting expectations for the remainder of the year. Though your fall checklist will surely differ from many of your peers, there are a few steps every business owner can take to ensure the new season is productive. Let’s discuss five of the most common.

1. Evaluate your current state – At this point in the year, you’ve likely experienced many situations that have tested your procedures and processes. Take time as the final quarter of the year approaches to review those areas and make improvements where necessary. Think about simplifying and streamlining to improve your efficiency, and investing in technology to help your business run faster to meet your goals.

2. Get creative – Enlist your imagination to brainstorm new ways you can bring customer attention to your business this fall. Think about hosting an event, or producing a creative asset like an educational video or new ad campaign. Make sure to be consistent in your messaging and content, but bring some fun and originality to your strategy. Consider partnering with another local business or developing an autumn-themed promotion or party.

3. Plan ahead – The transition from summer to fall is the perfect time to create a detailed plan to hit the remainder of your 2018 business goals. After you’ve taken a close look at your business’ performance so far this year, you’ll be adequately prepared to start planning for 2019. Think about how your priorities have shifted over the last nine months and identify where you have opportunities for growth. One of those opportunities may be purchasing new technology or equipment by taking advantage of financing options from CIT Direct Capital. Commit to taking on those opportunities in a realistic way by outlining a step-by-step plan for the upcoming quarters.

4. Go digital – We’re living in the digital age, so this fall it’s time to go digital with your small business. Be an active participant in conversations on social media, email, blogs, or wherever your customers are online. Maintain contact with your customers throughout the year so that you’re fresh in their minds whenever the busy season comes or they’re ready to buy. You can even create special promotions for customers to utilize a code found on your website or social media page. Don’t discount your digital real estate – it could even have as strong of an influence on potential and returning customers as your physical locations.

5. Show gratitude – Convey to your customers and employees how much you care about their needs by showing gratitude for the impact they’ve had on your business. Focusing on gratitude can help business owners like you reduce stress and improve your physical and emotional health as well as increase productivity. Being authentic in expressing your gratitude can also help you win over customers and earn their loyalty and trust.

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