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8 Ways to Heat Up Your Business This Summer

Financial planning is a year-round process, and summer can be a great time to catch up and put your business in a stronger financial position. Whether summer is slow or busy for your business, there are a few ways you can take advantage of the season. Use this checklist to help you stay focused on growing and making improvements this summer (while having a little fun).

  1. Reward yourself – Look at where you stand with your yearly goals – if you’re on track, enjoy a reward like taking a vacation or even something as simple as treating yourself to an ice cream cone. You deserve it!
  2. Try a new social media strategy – If social media is part of your business’ marketing strategy, think about taking it to the next level this summer. This could mean starting a page for your business on a new network, posting more frequently, or utilizing summer imagery to stay relevant.
  3. Update your website – If things are slower, take this time to scrub your website and remove outdated content. Prospects and current customers alike will benefit from new information or visuals that give your business a fresh look.
  4. Grow your audience – Take advantage of the increased foot traffic summer brings by capturing more email addresses when customers visit your store. These new contacts will enable you to share promotions and updates with a wider customer base.
  5. Meet with your tax advisor – Now that you’re midway through the year, evaluate your financials and take any necessary action your advisor recommends. This could save you a lot of headaches when spring rolls around again.
  6. Develop promotional offers – The warm summer weather often drives people out and about with funds they’re willing to spend. Attract these potential customers with special summer-themed offers.
  7. Organize a summer outing– Summer is a time for celebration! Keep your employees engaged by throwing a summer bash that recognizes their achievements and creates excitement for upcoming projects.
  8. Plan equipment purchases– As you look ahead at the end of the season, think about what your business will need to wrap up the year. Plan your purchases so you can take advantage of qualifying tax deductions like Section 179.

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