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Transform how you do business in five steps with B2B point-of-sale financing

In our online, interconnected world, customers have definite expectations about the ease of purchasing products and services: They want to shop the equipment and services they need at any time and buy them any way they choose without waiting.

The missing piece you’ve been waiting to offer them — the ability to pay online with lease options that fit their needs — is now part of our award-winning real-time B2B point-of-sale platform.

With next-generation API-driven technology, you can quickly integrate the lending platform into virtually any sales channel to provide the simple, quick purchasing and financing experience your customers need.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

You integrate the CIT quote button into your existing shopping cart. This will show your customers an “as-low-as” monthly payment option for their purchases.

Step 2

Your customer fills out our simple credit application with information that allows us to automate the decision process and provide their financing amount and term options.

Step 3

We work with our service providers to review credit and complete all necessary business verifications.

Step 4

We deliver an approval for your customer up to a specified amount. They can move forward and immediately request their contracts or choose additional items up to the approved financing amount.

Step 5

The customer reviews the terms and requests their contract. And if they’re not quite ready to select their terms, there’s an option that allows them to take that final step at a later time. Customers can sign all required contracts, receive final approval and place their orders online.

The entire financing and transaction process — end to end — can be completed in just minutes.1

Let’s explore how our B2B point-of-sale financing solution can work for you and your customers.

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