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Five tips for maximum marketing on a minimal budget

Newsflash: Effective marketing doesn’t have to break the bank. These five simple strategies can help your business get the most out of whatever budget you have available.

1. Network, network, network

Your goal is to reach the customers who need the services you’re providing. The friends and customers already in your network know they can trust you, and their recommendation can help connect you with your customers of tomorrow.

2. Send that email

Those email addresses you’ve captured through visits to your website or other means could be the start of something big for your small business. Email marketing can nurture relationships with customers. And, you’re likely to find email solution providers that fit your business budget.

3. When asked to speak, speak up

You may be asked to appear as a speaker or panelist at some point in your career. Say yes to these opportunities. Even appearances that don’t come with a stipend could position you as an expert, help build credibility and connect you to new leads.

4. Carrots, anyone?

There’s nothing like a discount offer or giveaway promotion to get that potential new client in the door. It’s been a proven retail strategy for generations. List your offers on your homepage or in the first email you send to prospects.

5. Reward referrals

Let your clients know that if they send you a referral and that lead becomes a customer, you’ll give them a percentage off your next invoice. These client referrals will likely be useful leads as your clients know your work and wouldn’t send them if there wasn’t the potential for a great fit.

Remember, it doesn’t take a big budget for your small business to make a big impact. You can find more small business tips in our Learn section at

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