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Get your landscaping business ready for spring growth

Winter can be a slow time for landscapers. But when temperatures drop, it’s a perfect time to prepare for next season — because when spring rolls into summer, you’ll probably be too busy to do anything but the work that’s right in front of you.

Planning now can mean bigger rewards in the seasons ahead. What does “planning ahead” mean for landscapers? It means making sure you have the personnel, the equipment and the infrastructure to handle the opportunities in your market. This is one of the few industries in which small businesses can compete successfully with the big guys — with some estimates suggesting just 15% of total revenue is generated by the largest companies in the landscaping business.

Now is the best time to recruit workers for the upcoming busy season. Distribute flyers, put up signs and make sure your website includes an employment section. If you need part-time laborers, seek out students looking for summer jobs. Don’t forget online job boards; they’re a good way to attract younger and more experienced workers alike. To retain your better employees, create a career ladder for them and explain possible paths to greater responsibility.

These winter months are also the time to check your tools and machinery. Make sure they’re in good condition for the work to come. Do you need to replace or upgrade? Which alternative makes more sense? That depends. New equipment may be more expensive, but it can be easier to operate and save you training costs.

Think, too about your infrastructure. Does your technology stack up in today’s world? Tablets and software make it easier to invoice customers, track time and schedule jobs and crews. A growing number of customers want to pay and communicate online. If you don’t have the systems to accommodate them, you’ll want to start now.

To finance the steps you’ll take, work with a provider that knows the landscaping industry. A solid and experienced company like CIT will understand your situation, help you sort through your options and customize a solution that meets your needs. Talk to us — we, like you, make things grow.

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