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How CIT helped a manufacturer, one of its distributors and their customer achieve their goals

Your job: providing your customers with the products they need to move their businesses forward. But what if they need funds to make that happen?

That’s where CIT comes in. We work with you to create financing programs and offers you can share with your dealer networks and customers.

Curious about how it all works?

Let’s follow one success story: Epson has worked with us to offer the financing options their dealers need. One of those dealers, Ryonet, worked with us to provide solutions that are game-changers for customers like Brand Marinade. The result? A win-win-win.

“We’re not leasing experts – that’s why we call upon CIT,” says John Meyer, manager of the wide format channel for Epson America Inc.

Epson started offering financing through CIT after one of its divisions needed a leasing option for its office and copier printing business. Meyer says CIT has been great “not only from a pure financing perspective; they’re also helping us market the programs, helping guide us through it.”

Ryonet, meanwhile, is both an Epson-authorized dealer and a leading equipment provider in the screen-printing industry. Ross Hunter, the company’s director of sales, explains how Ryonet’s goal is not only providing equipment but also helping each customer grow strategically. CIT provided Ryonet with the flexibility to nurture its customer relationships and grow its business alongside those of its clients.

That, in turn, empowered Brand Marinade, which took on a key project for a major game manufacturer in 2015. To handle production for such a significant opportunity, Brand Marinade Founder Jeremy Castro researched automatic presses with specific abilities and found one sold by Ryonet. The machine had the distinct features Brand Marinade needed, while Ryonet offered an innovative, forward-thinking approach that allowed Castro to lease the machine.

CIT helped Castro turn his vision for growth into his company’s reality with purchase options to meet his budget.

“Working with CIT was seamless and easy,” Castro says. “I don’t know if there’s anything better than that.”

Explore how working with CIT and our top-rated financing solutions can help you build your business

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