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Three ways to make the most of working from home

If there’s anything these uncertain times have taught us, it’s when drastic change comes our way, we can adapt.

Confronting the global health crisis has brought many changes to our daily habits – including how we do our jobs. For many of us, there’s no more leaving home to go to work. If you’re now managing your business from home, these three tips can help you balance your personal and professional life.

1. Keep a routine

When work and home life blend, it can be a challenge to keep track of time and easy to get distracted. So create a pattern to your day.

For example, when you wake up:

  • Make time for breakfast or coffee.
  • Exercise or meditate.
  • Pick an activity that helps you start your day the way you want to – even if it’s just for a few minutes

If you’re not working a set schedule remotely, try creating your own scheduled work-from-home hours. Taking time each day to “show up” for work can give you a greater sense of control in unsettled times.

2. Be creative

For some, this might be a time to explore new ways to grow your business or launch a new idea. If you’re in that creative headspace

  • List ideas on paper to research online. 
  • Contact experts or people in your network by phone or email. 
  • Keep up with your customer base on social media or via email
  • Write a blog, email or other communication telling your customers how you’re handling the crisis
  • Brainstorm ways to keep your business essential in this new normal. 

3. Relax and recharge

Find ways to relax that separate work from quality time at home. 

Play games with your kids, make a meal with a housemate or just take time out to read quietly on the couch. You can also stream exercise routines online, right in your living room, and build strength with weights if you have them on hand – or even soup cans.

Finding time to relax or exercise across each work-from-home day can be essential to creating distance from your professional tasks and having the energy to get your work done. 

More than anything, find the pace and structure to the day that works best for you and your business to work from home like a pro.

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