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Alpha Surveillance Testimonial

As a small business, it can often be hard to find a company that’s willing to lend you money to support your ideas. For Dennis Gravo, owner of Alpha Video Surveillance, Direct Capital provided the comfort and relief he needed to continue growing his business.

“I’ve taken out five or six loans [with Direct Capital] – to expand the idea; expand the concept. Every time you do that, you need the capital to back it up,” he said.

Alpha Video Surveillance started in 2006 as a small business camera installation company. Gravo operated out of a little executive suite and started to build it out over the years until it just stopped meeting his needs. Today, he has 18 employees and has not only expanded to commercial installation but also has begun monitoring properties as well.

“The company got too big for the little operation I had,”Gravo explained. “I leased out another 2,600-square-foot building for a monitoring center and that’s what I’m building now; what I needed money for.”

He knew he wanted a finance partner to help with not only this project but others upcoming as well, so he started to look around for lenders. That’s when he came across Direct Capital.

“I did a test,” he said. “I took out a $10,000 loan just to see how it would work. It was very smooth. Later on when I wanted to expand, I used Direct Capital again.”

Gravo has worked with Direct Capital for working capital and equipment loans – both which helped him build out his new command center. He said Direct Capital offered him “better rates and less hassle” than other lenders who call him up to 10 times a month.

In fact, when those lenders call him, he said, “They tell me, ‘I think we can beat them,’ and I say, ‘Trust me, you can’t.’”

But what is it about Direct Capital that deserves Gravo’s loyalty? He said it’s the convenience of it. “The people are really good and it’s nice to have someone contact you. I’ve been with you so many times, it’s gotten easier. I’ve always just stuck with Direct Capital. It’s a great relationship for me.”

Since taking out his first loan, his business has grown from $400-500k a year to $1.3M. He said he is even expecting to hit $2.2M this year.

“And without Direct Capital,” Gravo said, “I never would have been able to get there.”

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