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Why CIT? Here’s what Brand Marinade had to say

When Jeremy Castro first began screen printing as a side job at the school where he was employed as a math teacher, he discovered the pride that comes from creating something people want to wear. It was May 2003 and the school was celebrating “Wear Your School Spirit Day” when Castro saw the throngs of students proudly donning the t-shirts he had helped design and print for them.

He knew then that he wanted to make this type of work his career.

Fast forward to today: his company, Brand Marinade, offers full service merchandise solutions from concept to customer. The company works with content creators to turn their ideas into designs and produce and distribute those products, while providing everything from marketing tools to customer support. This shared model of back-office operations helps brands take their products to customers without needing to worry about investing in operations that they may not be able to consistently afford.

A big opportunity came for Brand Marinade in 2015 when the company took on a project for Nintendo’s The Legends of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. To handle production, Castro began intensely researching an automatic press that had specific abilities required by the complicated project. That’s when he found the ROQ, sold by Ryonet.

Castro’s decision was made. He chose to lease the machine for about a year before seeking a long-term solution.

This is where CIT was able to turn Castro’s visions for growth into reality. As a trusted source of financing for Ryonet’s customers, CIT offered Castro options for purchasing the ROQ that worked for Brand Marinade’s budget.

“That first purchase of the ROQ really enabled us to grow by leaps and bounds as compared to the world of having only manual presses or smaller less-robust automatic presses,” said Castro. “It differentiated us in the market and gave us a capability that nine out of 10 shops don’t have… A lot of it’s to credit Ryonet having great equipment and the relationship they had that we were able to get that machine through ownership with [CIT].”

Since working with Ryonet to finance the ROQ, Castro has sought financing from CIT for other Ryonet equipment purchases to take on an increasing number of opportunities. In the coming year, Castro plans to take on more corporate clients and expects he’ll need to finance more machinery to take on these bigger accounts.

“If we didn’t have these machines, we wouldn’t be able to get these projects. The equipment has given us opportunity and it’s really what sets us apart from other folks. Without the financing, I think some of these things would be impossible for us to do. The financing is really the catapult in many ways,” said Castro.

According to Castro, the financing process with CIT is not something he’s had to stress over.

“Working with CIT was seamless and easy. I don’t know if there’s anything better than that,” said Castro.

For more information on Brand Marinade, please visit their website. 

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