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Clark Equipment Testimonial

Adam Clark was ready for a change. Ever since high school he had worked at jobs ranging from landscaping, to painting, to financial analysis, but he’d always dreamed of running his own company and being his own boss. Twelve years ago that opportunity came in the form of Clark Equipment Rental and Sales.

Clark Equipment buys, rents, and sells construction equipment to “a little bit of everybody,” in Adam’s own words, including small to large contractors and highway constructors. Over the last few years, Direct Capital and Strategic Account Manager Kyle Twombley have worked closely with Adam to help the Syracuse, NY company offer quick and easy financing to its customers.

According to Adam, speed and convenience are some of the most important benefits a lender can provide. His customers often have a project confirmed one day and need to be on the job the next. Having equipment that is “job site ready” is a characteristic that keeps his customers coming back time and time again.

“These guys don’t want to wait,” said Adam. “They want that machine now, and for them to have that machine now, they’ve got to pay for it. Direct Capital can get the financing done quickly, efficiently, competitively.”

Adam and his company practice old fashioned business values while embracing mobile technology to meet their customers’ needs. Direct Capital functions in a similar way, guided by central core values and driven to deliver cutting-edge technology that improves the way customers interact with financing. As a result, the relationship between the two companies has been very complementary.

“The old fashioned way of printing off a credit application and having to fill it out with a pen or a pencil and faxing it in doesn’t work anymore… Being able to apply for credit quickly on their phone, on their tablet, on their laptop, in their pickup truck, is really key to getting the deal done,” said Adam.

Adam’s family has worked in the heavy equipment industry for three generations. With a commitment to honesty and treating customers fairly, Clark Equipment has devoted itself to improving the customer experience, and financing is a major part of that experience for many customers. That’s where Adam puts his trust in Direct Capital.

“I’m confident they’ll treat my customers well because reputation is very important in this business, and the last thing a customer has contact with is usually the credit application and the lender,” said Adam.

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