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Construction Concepts Inc. Testimonial

“It was the most painless thing I’ve ever done in my life.” That’s what William Slanaker, owner of Construction Concepts Inc., had to say about financing with CIT.

His financing journey began in March 2017 when he realized he needed more equipment after his company was presented with a big opportunity. His 10-year-old business works on large-ticket jobs for companies in the heavy industrial engineering construction management and project management sector. After one particular drilling job, a previous manager he worked with contacted him to start a partnership.

This meant one thing: He needed another drill. The challenge was paying for the drill outright while wanting to immediately see profit. But Slanaker looked into the future. He said, “A second drill would be for real profit because it would be a little bit of a capital expense and an incremental increase in capital costs. Margins for the company would double with that second drill.”

So he started looking for a finance company.

The vendor he bought the drill from, Norton Equipment, recommended Mike Harmon at CIT. Slanaker was working with another finance company at the time, simultaneously trying to weigh his options and find the best deal. He said, “I ran them in parallel, both scenarios, and I just said, ‘whatever happens, happens.’”

Well, what happened with CIT, he said, won him over.

Slanaker said that Mike worked “his little tail off” in the background handling everything for him. “The next thing I know,” he explained, “here’s a rate, here’s a deal and wow okay, let’s do it!”

It’s refreshing, he told us, to have someone on the other end working so hard for him. Mike knew what he had to do to get the job done and, Slanaker said, “It was nearly effortless on my part, and that’s the way it should be.”

CIT didn’t request much of him, and according to Slanaker, making it that simple is hard to do; it’s not something that’s readily out there.

That’s why he told us that the next time he has a financing need, Mike will be his first call.

“There were no questions. It was just, ‘Look, here’s what you want, here’s what you need, and we’re going to give it to you,’” Slanaker said. “That’s a bit of comfort right there.”

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