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EPSON – Empowering customers with CIT financing

Purchasing equipment for commercial business needs shouldn’t be that different from buying a car. At least, that is according to John Meyer, manager of the wide format channel for Epson America Inc.

Epson’s large-format printing business was historically run as a cash transaction business, aside from sales made through its dealer network. After the company’s introduction to CIT, that strategy has changed to emphasize actively and strongly promoting monthly payments, similar to the way car dealerships sell to consumers.

Epson started offering financing through CIT after one division of the company required a leasing option for its office and copier printing business. CIT’s strong reputation of providing financing in the industrial print and commercial market attracted Epson’s attention, and seemed to be a smart fit for customers interested in Epson’s SureColor® series of large-format printers.

Leasing the printers offered a new marketing opportunity that Epson was eager to capitalize on: selling a competitive rate and promoting the availability of the SureColor printers at a set price per month across the channel. Working with CIT has also enabled the company to integrate financing options into its monthly and quarterly promotional calendar, helping drive sales.

According to Meyer, communication between Epson and the CIT team has been very smooth.

“Basically we hand it off to the CIT team and they just take care of it for us. So it’s been very clean and simple for us,” said Meyer.

Meyer says that the relationship with CIT and the service provided helps to drive and sustain sales for Epson’s SureColor printers. In addition, working with CIT has been a collaborative experience with benefits beyond just leasing options.

“They’ve been a great partner not only from a pure financing perspective,” said Meyer. “They’re also helping us market the programs, helping guide us through it. We’re not leasing experts – that’s why we call upon CIT.”

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