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iTAG Equipment Testimonial

With only $500 to his name, Bryan Garner prepared to strike out on his own. He told his pregnant wife he didn’t know if his plan to start a truck and trailer sales business would work out, but he was willing to fail and bounce back if necessary. They had no reason to worry.

Ten years later, Bryan’s business iTAG Equipment, located in Granbury, Texas, is moving lots of equipment all over the United States every day of the week. iTAG sells semi-trucks, semi-trailers, flatbeds, drop decks, low boys; pretty much anything on wheels in the semi-truck/trailer world. They move about 10-15 trailers per week, operating nationwide from Florida to Maine, California, Seattle, Texas, and beyond.

What inspired Bryan to take this path? At 18 years old, he joined the Marine Corps, where he committed 10 years of service for the U.S. in deployments around the globe. After completing his duty, Bryan took a sales job at a local company where he learned the ropes of the business. Once he got a feel for the industry and its processes, Bryan knew he could handle going out on his own and wanted to start something new. A hard worker, Bryan was putting in 20-hour days when he first started out, but he never stopped persevering to build his business.

iTAG’s customers are lot like Bryan was when he first started the company – people who are trying to get their wheels rolling and live the American dream. They are owner-operators, and small and large trucking companies, who typically don’t walk into iTAG with enough cash in their pockets to get the equipment they need. They’re hands-on truckers, but they’re not accountants.

“And that’s where Direct Capital kind of comes into play,” said Bryan. “I just about tell everybody: I’ve got a great finance team, Direct Capital. They’re a direct lender. They’re going to be your best shot at getting great rates, terms, down payments, interest - the whole nine.”

Financing from Direct Capital is what makes it possible for iTAG’s customers to get back to business, fast. The transparent, upfront process is what Bryan says sets Direct Capital apart from other lenders. Direct Capital’s understanding of customer needs, combined with the speed of funding, makes working with the company a “win-win” situation for iTAG.

“The faster you can get [yourself and the trailer] approved, the faster we get this trailer to you and you can get on the ground and start making some money,” said Bryan.

Bryan also values the back-end technology Direct Capital offers because of the direct line of sight it gives him into the financing process. Knowing where a deal current stands without having to call someone and check in helps Bryan quickly answer his customers’ questions.

Don’t take our word for it – learn more about iTAG’s experience with Direct Capital from Bryan himself in this video testimonial. 

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