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Kitch Health Testimonial

It’s frequently said that there are two sides to every story. This story has three: physical, mental, and emotional, which when combined in a holistic approach to health, led one business owner to success.

Blair Kitch has worked in the health industry for 14 years and found his passion in holistic wellness. His company, Kitch Health in Chicago, Illinois, is a holistic wellness boutique that empowers clients to live a healthier lifestyle by identifying the barriers that prevent that from happening.

Because of his background in healthcare, his current enrollment in a naturopathic medicine program, and his training for board certifications, he qualified for a medical device called the Biomeridian.

Kitch said, “This device allows me to get more towards the root of the symptom instead of just addressing the symptom with medication. I really wanted it, but it was expensive and it wasn’t something I could pay for myself.”

Having never applied for financing in the past, he was glad to learn that the vendor selling the equipment, International Health Technologies, could recommend a lender: CIT Direct Capital.

“The process with CIT Direct Capital was seamless and streamlined,” Kitch said. “The moment I was put in touch with Eric, I could tell he was very understanding and eager to help, which is something you want from your finance manager. He made it very comfortable and I instantly felt more relaxed.”

Kitch explained that Eric worked closely with the vendor to get the transaction completed, which was a breath of fresh air. He also greatly appreciated Eric’s suggestion to run his business credit rather than his personal credit. “That was a huge help and a big plus,” he said.

During the approval process, Kitch had requested $8,000 but was approved for a greater amount. “It’s good to know that I have a little more if I need it,” he said.

Over the next few weeks, he was reimbursed for the purchase he made and started using the device. Kitch said now that he has it, “I am able to identify stresses and balances with the human body and symptoms of that stress, including anything from headaches to pain, discomfort, mood, and behavior.”

Speaking about the next time he needs financing, or when he’s ready to use the rest of his approval amount, Kitch said, “I will definitely use you all again, and I will highly recommend you.”

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