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Performance Lighting Testimonial

Ever been to a rock ‘n’ roll show? Then you know what stage lighting does: it enhances the performance, sets the mood, and makes everything come alive. Which is why it should be no surprise that equipment like that costs a pretty penny and, as was the case for Douglas Peterson, financing can be the way to success.

Peterson, owner of Chicago-based Performance Lighting, has been in the lighting business for 32 years. His equipment travels on national tours with all kinds of bands. His specialty? “The lighting you see in a rock ‘n’ roll show,” he told us. His equipment is currently touring with Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly, and Brit Floyd, the Pink Floyd cover band.

Over time, he’s seen lighting equipment change from non-ecofriendly, simple, filament bulbs to modern, eco-friendly LEDs. Peterson said, “The nature of our business requires that lighting technology is constantly evolving and changing. This causes me to have to constantly sell off my used equipment when it gets old and buy new equipment.”

He’s also seen how much those changes can cost, and while financing wasn’t a dire need for Peterson, he chose to go with Direct Capital anyway. Why? “I chose to use Direct Capital because of the great rates and ease of application,” he said.

It started when Peterson received an email from a finance representative at Direct Capital. He liked the simplistic tone of the email, and decided to reach out.

“I immediately received an email back from Eric Reinauer. He said, ‘I’m here to help, I’m your guy,’” Peterson explained. “It took me just two calls and two emails to really notice that Eric was responding to my questions within hours. I wasn’t waiting a day. I’d leave a voicemail and I’d get a phone call back in minutes.”

Speed is what gave Direct Capital an edge, he said, but so was how Eric presented himself and the financing contract. Peterson said, “He gave me very detailed information and his questions were direct and factual. Eric was very candid and straightforward about what to read on my contract.

“I just really appreciated that he was hyper-fast to respond and very straightforward with his answers,” he continued. “It gave me that warm and fuzzy feeling of ‘I like working with this guy.’”

And the transaction itself was quick too. From start to finish, it was about three weeks. Peterson said, “I’ve gotten bank loans in the past and you’re talking months! It’s very impressive how fast it all went [with Direct Capital].”

So what was the result of all that speed and clarity? Peterson was able to purchase several new pieces of equipment, including highly sought-after Mega Pointe lights, and instantly gained new business. He said, “The Mega Pointe was voted No. 1 lighting product of the year and we’re already receiving calls asking if we have this light available. They are immediately at work making money for us!”

Peterson has had a fulfilling and varied career, from his work as a Marine Corp security guard in Tunis and Paris, to being a CPA, and finally to his current role as a rock show lighting enthusiast. We’re glad he chose Direct Capital to join him in this part of his career and help his business grow. It seems that he’s glad, too.

“I can’t sing the praises enough,” he said. “The whole experience was so amazing.”

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