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QuadW International Testimonial

How does a company that was started with 50 cents and a broken laptop in someone’s den turn into a multimillion-dollar business that grew 400 percent in one year?

A lot of hard work and dedication. And financing.

Fred Winchar started his first business, QuadW International, without much money, a formal office or working technology. After years of hard work, his second business, Tradition Media Group, was born. Together, he now has 56 employees and two multimillion-dollar companies.

According to Fred, “Up to [when I started with] Direct Capital, I never borrowed a penny. I started from nothing and now it’s just me… and Direct Capital.”

So what changed? What made Fred, the owner of two multimillion-dollar businesses, come looking for financing?

He said that he noticed both of his companies were lacking a sort of luster - the pizazz that could take each business to the next level. His potential clients and employees wanted to walk into a really high-end, professional place. Winchar said, “If I wanted to attract proper talent, I had to create the proper stage.”

He told us that he needed cash to improve his office space – chairs, computers and furniture – and to invest in more marketing. Winchar wanted to take his businesses to a “much higher place” and wanted his staff to feel proud of where they worked.

“Direct Capital did that for me,” he said. “If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have had the money to make that change. Because of you guys, my business grew 400 percent.”

As an attractive prospect to lenders, Winchar was getting calls from everywhere asking him what he was borrowing. But he didn’t like the way he was treated and didn’t think any of the lenders really cared about building a relationship with him, which was what he was looking for in a lending partner.

“You didn’t talk down to me,” he said. “You talked to me as a friend and you treated me with dignity and with respect. You cared more about the long-term relationship than the immediate score. That’s more important to me.”

So is trust. Winchar said about his account manager, “There was never a moment I have not trusted this man and, because of him, Direct Capital.” Aside from relationships and trust, getting a good deal also matters when you’re a business owner. Fortunately for him, Winchar said, Direct Capital offered “a great rate, better than anyone I’ve found out there.”

That’s why, he told us, it’s a no brainer that he will work with Direct Capital again.

“The other guys… they just don’t have the kind of quality that you guys have,” Winchar said. “I’m fiercely loyal. You helped facilitate going from a $1M to a $5M operation in a year. You can see why I love Direct Capital.”

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