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Equipment financing: growing your business and theirs

Ryan Moor needed money to help his punk rock band do more touring in 2004. So what did he do? He transformed his immediate need for money into an industry-leading commercial screen-printing business! Thanks to his determination, his dedicated team, and some good timing with eBay sales, Ryan now has the title of CEO, and his firm, Ryonet, has become a premium provider of automated screen print equipment.

Ryonet recognizes that its customers’ success hinges on getting them the tools they need to grow. But those bigger ticket items almost always require financing and Ryan soon realized that his company needed a financing partnership. Ryan’s thought is when Ryonet customers can get better quality, more efficient equipment, “they can grow faster and smarter than those who don’t have access to funds.” That’s where the CIT relationship comes in.

When searching for a financing provider, experience, fairness and responsiveness mattered. Ross Hunter, Director of Sales explains that Ryonet’s goal goes beyond simply providing equipment and tools, but, rather, is to help clients grow strategically and “align with their dream.” He cites examples of customers who started small, with the purchase of a $1,000 press, and have subsequently grown exponentially and now require CIT’s financial solutions.

CIT has provided Ryonet with the flexibility to nurture its customer relationships and grow its business alongside that of its clients. This value-added service sets Ryonet apart from its competitors and allows its sales team to have broader conversations with customers about growth. A great example of how Ryonet and CIT empower business owners is illustrated in Brand Marinade’s story.

Ultimately, the three-way collaboration between Ryonet, their clients, and CIT means that products and solutions are identified quickly, so customers reach their goals faster. Hunter sums it up quite simply – and with a smile: “It’s just a bunch of people helping people.”

Ryonet is a leading equipment provider in the screen printing industry and offers the widest variety of silk screening presses in the United States. For more information on Ryonet, please visit their website.

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