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    Business Financing Partner Solutions

    CIT offers end-to-end partner solutions that make it easy for enterprises to offer financing.

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    Comprehensive technology

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    Smooth deployment

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    Experienced support team

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    Unlimited options

  • Digital financing solutions that scale

    In a rapidly changing business climate, innovative technology is crucial for success. With excellent support and attentive service, CIT offers our clients solutions that work at scale for any business financing need.

    FlexAbility TM  platform

    CIT’s solutions for selling and invoicing offer flexibility to structure what you sell, how you charge for it, and to whom you sell. These solutions are especially beneficial for companies that go to market with complex sales structures.

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    Point-of-sale financing platform

    No matter your sales channel, CIT’s automated lending engine is optimized for it. We can integrate nearly any sales channel to tailor a payment experience that works with your B2B point-of-sale. With a smooth onboarding experience, you can get up and running quickly to start generating higher sales volume, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

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    Virtual integration

    We integrate into your sales process and help deploy tools that allow your sales team to seamlessly offer point-of-sale ­financing. We are built to accommodate any integration preference (API, website, custom URLs, or even faxed applications), and you’ll enjoy a streamlined process focused on enhancing your customer’s ­financing experience.

  • Fintech Breakthrough Award 2018
    Fintech Breakthrough Award for Best Small Business Lending Solution
    ELFA trophy
    ELFA’s 2017 Operations and Technology Excellence Award

    How good is our digital platform? Award winning!

    CIT’s technology makes business transformation easier. Check out some of our latest recognition from ELFA and FinTech Breakthrough. See how we enabled Lending-as-a-Service for one of our key enterprise-level partners and were also recognized for our industry-leading small business point-of-sale digital platform.