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FlexAbility TM

FlexAbility is a CIT system for manufacturers and dealers that delivers a wealth of customer experience and operational benefits by supporting nearly any type of sales structure, invoice presentment and data integration.

Data integration & variable billing solution

The system positively impacts sales and operational execution by supporting:

  • Bundled solutions containing fixed and/or variable charges
  • Alternative billing options to capture all charges
  • Data transmission options like system integration, portal entries and batch uploads to single manual entries
  • Cash disbursement to one or many locations
  • Administration of calculations, tier pricing, escalating charges, invoicing, and collection
  • End of Lease billing options based on life of lease averages or actuals
  • Customized reporting suite

Once a deal is structured, the FlexAbility invoicing platform allows you to create an easy-to-understand invoice with content and appearance that can be aligned to your customer’s requirements. You can:

  • Determine invoice content and design including private label and select messaging
  • Extend marketing with custom messages and multi-page advertising
  • Control charges by cost center and cost allocations among multiple partners
  • Opt for summary or detailed level invoice including spreadsheet invoicing

Change the way you do business

From managing your calculations and collection administration to creating customized invoices and presenting charges on an asset level or summarized to a contract level, FlexAbility is the integrated solution you need.

When you use FlexAbility for targeted promotions or direct marketing, our invoice becomes your invoice. It’s the simple and flexible way to change how you do business.

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