• Capital Markets

    CIT Capital Markets raises capital for clients, and distributes loans and other debt and equity products to investors. The team is responsible for structuring, pricing and distributing all financial products originated by CIT. 

    Business Services Products & Services:

    • Risk management products
    • Senior debt transactions
    • Unitranche and second lien loans
    • Interest rate caps and swaps
    • Debt & equity private placements
    • Asset-backed debt transactions
    • Underwritten solutions
    • Leveraged finance insight, guidance and intelligence
    • Second lien loans
    • Project finance

      Learn more about our Risk Management Products.

  • Select Commercial Finance Transactions

    CIT combines its deep expertise in creating financing and treasury management solutions with outstanding execution and service, helping our clients achieve their full growth potential. See our latest accomplishments: Tombstone Collage

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    As someone that's always believed in a free market environment, it's my experience that pricing and leverage will most always find their proper levels. From the perspective of buyers of loans, I think that there's really good