• Financial Analyst Program

    Our Financial Analyst Program cultivates valuable technical, financial, business and leadership skills for professionals ready to start a career with CIT.
  • Start your career with CIT’s Financial Analyst Program

    With CIT's Financial Analyst Program, you can develop valuable technical, financial, business and leadership skills for a strong start to your professional career. This challenging program offers hands-on experience including thorough training, important job assignments, community involvement and exposure to business and senior management. Throughout this dynamic program, you'll get to play a key role in transaction generation and execution in all facets. The Financial Analyst Program is targeted specifically to college seniors and is primarily located in our New York City office. 

    Potential Analyst roles exist within the following business segments:

    • Commercial Finance - focus on providing lending, leasing and other financial and advisory services to small business and and work closely with private equity sponsors in middle market sectors
    • Real Estate Finance get underwriting and market experience with commercial real estate transactions
    • Transportation Finance - help provide customized leasing and secured financing for the following industries
    • Risk Management Group- get experience in the identification, qualification and management of all types of risk through the organization. 

    What will your responsibilities include?
    • Analyzing financial statements and information to build models for various companies
    • Preparing pitches, lenders' presentations, rating agency presentations, teasers, confidential information, memoranda and leveraged loan market documents
    • Conducting research and creating statistical exhibits from various financial analyses
    • Maintaining a pulse on financial markets
    • Constructing comparable enterprise value and leveraged loan analyses

    What are the qualifications for the Financial Analyst Program?

    • Enrollment at a college or university for a Bachelor's degree, with a major or concentration in finance, accounting or economics (preferred)
    • Outstanding academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 3.3
    • Relevant internship experience in analytical roles in financial services
    • Demonstrated analytical skills and strong quantitative orientation required
    • Superior work ethic, teamwork, organizational, time management and communication skills
    • Demonstrated leadership through campus and extracurricular activities
    • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications

    Recruiting season: August - October

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