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Meet Your Goals with the Savings Builder

Savings Builder Account infographic described below

CIT Bank's new Savings Builder account is designed to reward customers who maintain a balance of $25,000 or more or who save at least $100 each month with a higher interest rate. Below are a few ways th eSavings Builder account can help you meet your savings goals. Put aside money for savings and get a top rate that can help you meet your goals at any point in your financial journey.

Besides general savings, the top savings priorities for U.S. consumers include: 67% say retirement, 61% say unexpected emergencies, 31% say vacations, and 29% say house and furnishings.

Prepare for the Unexpected 48% of U.S. households have encountered an unexpected expense related to an emergency over the past year. Major concerns include: 49% say major health issues, 11% say major home damage, 8% say natural disasters, and 7% say auto accidents.

Make the Most of Your Money Grow your savings faster than your everyday bank. 2 in 3 U.S. consumers use a bank account to save money. 1 in 5 U.S. consumers utilize an account that provides a return, such as a high yield savings account or CD.

For more information on our Savings Builder account, visit © 2018 CIT Group Inc. All rights reserved. Complete terms and conditions for the Savings Builder account can be found at The data referenced is from a survey that was conducted online within the United States by the Harris Poll on behalf of CIT between February 6 to 23, 2018 among 1,100 U.S. consumers ages 18 and older. Data were weighed where necessary to bring them in line with the general U.S. population based on the following variables: education, gender, age, race/ethnicity, household income, size of household, and employment status. "

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