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Earn More Money with the Savings Builder

Savings Builder is a tiered-rate savings account that offers two simple ways to earn the top rates on your savings

If you are underwhelmed with the slow growth of your savings and tired of paying bank fees just to maintain your bank account, consider the new Savings Builder account from CIT Bank.

Savings Builder is a tiered-rate account that offers you two ways to earn the top rates on your savings. 

  • Make the most of your money. Online savings banks offer much higher rates than everyday banks. Open an account with $25,000 or more and earn the top tier Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your money.
  • Build a habit of savings. If you don’t have $25,000 in your account, you can still earn the higher APY tier by continuously making a monthly deposit of $100 or more. Start with $100 per month and build your habit of saving-—all while getting a top rate.

Plus, all new accounts will earn the top APY as part of Savings Builder’s introductory offer. To maintain the top APY tier after the introductory period, meet the qualifications listed above. To learn more about account qualifications, rules and limitations, visit our website.

In addition to competitive rates, Savings Builder features daily compounding interest without account opening or monthly service fees. You'll be able to build your savings without the everyday bank fees that undercut your earning potential.

Savings Builder is a smart choice when saving for:

  • Emergency and unexpected events. Whether it’s a job loss, pet expense, car or home repair, or medical issue, it’s most often the #1 reason people save.
  • New or next home. Grow your savings faster than at your everyday bank for your first—or next dream home.
  • Retirement. Whether in or near retirement, a Savings Builder account offers you a top rate on your savings to help you get the most out of your retirement dollars.
  • Children’s expenses. In addition to the annual expense of “$12,350 to nearly $14,000 a year, on average, to raise a child,” it’s also a smart choice to save for other expected expenses such as braces, summer camp and college tuition.1

Recognized by Bankrate, NerdWallet, Motley Fool and more

CIT Bank is an award-winning2 online bank with national recognition by respected organizations, websites and publications including: 

  •, which rated CIT Bank 5 out of 5 stars in its "Safe & Sound" rating that measures banks in terms of relative financial strength and stability.
  • American Banker and the Reputation Institute that ranked CIT Bank in the Top 5 in Performance and in the Top 15 in Overall Reputation Rankings.
  • that selected CIT Bank as one of the Best Online Banks

CIT Bank is a smart choice for your savings

As an online-only and FDIC-insured bank, CIT Bank passes on the savings from not having branch offices to its customers with APYs that are significantly higher than traditional banks, award-winning savings products, and the safety and security you expect.

CIT Bank offers a variety of online and mobile banking features to provide real-time and easy access to your account with the protections you expect. CIT Bank has robust security measures in place designed to protect your account information and your identity.

At CIT Bank, you’ll earn more with digital convenience and build your savings faster and easier than at your everyday bank. As part of CIT Group, a longstanding leader in small business lending and commercial financing, CIT Bank is backed by a legacy of financial expertise.

Start today. Open a Savings Builder account at CIT Bank.

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