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Control your
debit card

Manage your debit card securely and conveniently through the CIT Bank mobile app.

Turn your card off and on

Debit card - turn your card off and on

Establish threshold limits

Debit card - establish threshold limits

Set customized alerts

Debit card - set customized alerts

Choose the types of

Debit card - choose the types of transactions

Select the types of

Debit card - select the types of merchants

Pick where you use
your card

Debit card - pick where you use your card

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set my regions?

You can choose up to three regions where you want to use your card. Once enabled, card activity outside your chosen regions will be blocked. You can also block international transactions. You can use the toggle switch to easily delete a region or disable all the regions whenever you want.

How do I use transaction type controls to block certain purchases?

You can block transactions like auto-pay or mail/phone order activity by moving the associated toggle switch. Once your options are enables, transactions on your card will be denied for the types of transaction you have turned off. You can switch it back on whenever you’re ready.

How do I choose the merchant types?

You can choose to block or allow your card to be sued at a variety of merchants such as gas stations or restaurants. You can also restrict by age. If you turn off the Enable Merchant Type toggle, all merchant type controls will be disabled.

How do I set a threshold amount?

You can set the toggle switch to green and choose a dollar amount limit for card transactions. It’s simple to change the amount or turn the threshold off whenever you want. The minimum threshold amount is a penny.

What kind of alerts can I set?

After enabling the push notifications, you can easily customize what Card Control alerts you want to receive within the CIT Bank mobile app. Simply select a category such as “location” or “transaction type” alert.

What are some of the other benefits of card controls?

Setting your card controls can help protect you from fraud. If your card is lost or stolen, you can easily turn it off, plus you can get alerts to know when your card is being used outside of the limits you’ve set.