• Supply Chain Finance

    Our Supply Chain Finance solution supports the alignment of buyers and their suppliers while unlocking working capital and mitigating risks. 
  • Supply Chain Finance

    Supply chain finance allows buyers to optimize their working capital by extending their payment terms while providing an on-demand pool of liquidity for their suppliers. Under this program, suppliers have the ability to sell their buyer approved receivables to CIT prior to maturity at a small discount. By aligning the needs of both the buyers and the sellers, it is truly a "win-win" opportunity and minimizes risk across the supply chain.

    Benefits of Working with CIT

    • Extend and standardize payment terms - $10 million in working capital benefit can be obtained by extending payment terms by 15 days on $250 million in spend.
    • Mitigate risk in supply chain by offering an early payment option to your suppliers.
    • Gain efficiency through web-based platform and electronic payments.
    • Create transparency through improved reporting that reduces supplier payment inquiries.
    • Typically, little or no cost to the buyer.

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