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    We stand ready to support your business by investing in syndicated bank debt across all industries.

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  • CIT's syndication business

    CIT invests in syndicated bank debt across all industries. The debt is used by borrowers for leveraged buyouts, acquisition financing and general corporate needs. Investments include first lien secured loans that are sourced in both the primary and secondary markets.

  • Products & services

    • Underwriting
    • Workout
    • Portfolio management
    • Trading
    • Sourcing

    Key areas of focus

    We invest in term loan tranches in the primary market and utilize the secondary market to add to positions, including purchasing deeply discounted revolving credit facilities.

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    CIT has the expertise to assist your business with syndicated commercial loans and distressed commercial debt financing. Through par bank loans, debt underwriting and other syndicated financing tools, our team stands ready to support your business. Learn how we can work together.