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    Managing Risk

    CIT provides treasury risk management services and tools to help minimize risk and protect your organization’s finances from fraud losses with the oversight and security your business requires.

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  • CIT's risk management solutions

    Fraud losses affect businesses of all sizes and can be both costly and time-consuming. To help you protect your accounts, we offer a blend of tools that provide you with the oversight and protection needed to manage risk and your organization’s finances.

  • Service descriptions

    Account reconciliation services

    Reduce the time and effort spent reconciling your accounts while monitoring for errors and potential fraud. Our account reconciliation services offer a range of options, including partial and full reconcilement.

    ACH block and filter

    Set up parameters to process authorized Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions and stop any transactions that do not meet the allowable conditions. 

    • ACH Blocking Services - Block all ACH debits and credits from posting to your business accounts.
    • ACH Filter Service - Set criteria to authorize only select ACH debits and/or credits to post to your business account.

    Check block and eCheck block

    Control the posting of ACH transactions or checks converted to ACH to your business checking accounts, preventing fraudulent activity by automatically returning blocked items. Check Block and eCheck Block prevent the posting of any checks or electronically converted checks (also known as eChecks) presented against the account they are tied to.

    Positive pay services

    Monitor and eliminate potential ACH and check fraud activity by having greater control over which ACH transactions or checks are paid.

    • ACH Positive Pay - Used for incoming ACH debits. Specific criteria, such as dollar thresholds or payees, can be selected. 
    • Positive Pay - Submit a list of checks issued by your business and we will verify the checks based on account, check number, and dollar amount while notifying you of any exception items. 
    • Reverse Positive Pay - Reverse Positive Pay allows you to receive a file of all paid items for your internal review and decision.

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    CIT’s treasury management products are provided by CIT Bank, N.A.