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    Asset-Based Lending

    Our asset-based loans can help you unlock working capital and increase liquidity.

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  • CIT's asset-based lending solutions

    An Asset-Based Loan (ABL) is utilized by a business to obtain working capital financing based on advances made against the business' assets as security. The loan, or line of credit, is typically secured by inventory, accounts receivable and/or other balance-sheet assets, potentially including intellectual property. This product is also known as a "commercial finance loan" or "asset-based financing".

  • Benefits of working with CIT

    • Stability and cash flow - Unlock the working capital tied up in your assets and increase liquidity
    • Growth - Facility normally increases in size based upon the growth in your assets such as accounts receivable and inventory. 
    • Simplified reporting requirements - Typically monthly or weekly borrowing base certificates showing levels of accounts receivable and inventory
    • Fewer limits - Often few or no covenants to limit burden on your growing company
    • Flexibility - No fixed repayment schedule as your assets support your ongoing working capital needs.

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    As a preeminent lender and provider of lending and financial and operational solutions to companies in the consumer products space, CIT can help you focus your efforts on developing ideas into sustainable, growing businesses. Learn how we can work together.