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CIT Electronic Services Info

Client Internet Reporting System Changes

We are pleased to introduce a new Client Internet Reporting interface. The actual reports and information content are identical and have not changed - only the interface to the reports has changed. The new interface is streamlined and fully functional with any web browser, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and others. Also, no Java downloads or plugins. Reports are organized by Report Name, Date and Folder. All reports are easily converted to PDF for common viewing and research activities. The same Excel enabled reports can also be exported to Excel versions.  

Access to the new Client Reporting Interface uses your prior "ereports" CIT1234 UserName and xxxxxx Password. The new reporting interface has been populated with the same archive history of previous reports. If you have any questions about your reports please contact the Client Support Services Help Desk at 800-248-9089 x2222.

General Technical Information

Operating System Requirements

We support the various Microsoft Windows PC operating systems. Tablets or other devices may function properly depending on the configuration and/or browser. 

Browser Requirements

We support the current Microsoft Internet Explorer version for the various CIT client systems.  

Other browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome, may work with the various client systems but we do not fully support those browsers and we may not be able to provide detailed assistance when using those products. Google Chrome no longer supports Java-based applets and may not work for the "Classic" system access.

CIS Client Information System

CIS is our browser-based Client Information System allowing access to your client and customer information. CIS is compatible with the current Microsoft Internet Explorer.  

Internet Explorer 11 - IE11

In order to enjoy all CIS functionality using IE11, you may need to update the Compatibility View Settings:

  • Locate Internet Explorer menu item "Tools" OR the wheel/gear object toward the upper right.
  • Select the "Compatibility View Settings."
  • In the dialogue window, look for the "Add this website:" box and enter and click the Add button.
  • This will add to the list of Compatibility View websites. Click the Close button.
  • You may need to logoff CIS and then log on again.

CIS Mobile

The CIT CIS Mobile App is available to all CIS clients. 

CIS Mobile Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Client Internet Reporting System

CIT Client Internet Reporting System provides immediate access to your reports over the internet. All reports are formatted for easy viewing and printing. Most reports are also available in Microsoft Excel format.  

Additional Technical Information:

All connections to Client Internet Reporting are made over internet port 80 using standard HTTP and HTTPS communications.

  • CIT stores user preferences that may be recalled and used again after logging back into the website. These preferences are stored in a file called a "cookie."
  • In order to view the Microsoft Excel versions of the reports you will need to have Microsoft Excel (or other third-party Excel compatible application) installed on your workstation.

Online Information System

The "classic" green screen version of the CIT system remains available as a courtesy to our legacy clients that still wish to use that interface. Ongoing support will become limited as new features are only offered on the newer CIS interface. To use the legacy system, we offer two methods of access: ActiveX for Microsoft Internet Explorer; and a Java-based applet for none IE browsers - such as Firefox. Google Chrome no longer supports Java-based applets.

In either case, once you have finished using the system it is important to log off properly:

  • From the Main Menu, press the F1 function key.
  • This will take you back to a blank screen.
  • Then be sure to type CESF LOGOFF at the blank screen to properly logoff from the system.
  • Otherwise, your user id may be locked for 30 minutes and you may not be able to log on again until the 30-minute time out window has passed.

CIT Client Support Services Help Desk

For questions or support issues please contact Client Support Services. 
800-248-9089 x2222