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The 2018 Los Angeles Fashion Report

Los Angeles is where celebrities, models, executives and designers live, work and interact in ways that influence creative trends around the world. 

As a result, the city has become a premier showcase for contemporary fashions, including apparel, accessories and footwear, and an inspiration for designers globally. LA’s fashion industry also continues to play a crucial role in the city’s economy. And it remains a world leader in the fast-moving realm of fashion-related design, social media, online sales, marketing and technology.  

Download the executive summary for insights and findings from the 2018 Los Angeles Fashion Report

Top Findings
With CIT’s sponsorship, the California Fashion Association has once again worked to update current business trends within the LA fashion marketplace by surveying leaders about current issues.

  • 45% changing business model to make more profit - Speed-to-market and price pressure forces executives to find better and cheaper sourcing
  • 33% using integrated systems (between manufacturing and retailing) - Technology enables virtual sales tools and integrated systems
  • 54% using Instagram as in-house social media dominates - Consumers are digitally savvy so manufacturers market through social media

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