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2018 CIT Voice of the Middle Market

Trends, Analysis & Economic Outlook of Middle Market Executives

Middle market executives today are more positive about their businesses and more optimistic about their prospects for growth than at any time in the last three years. Executives at middle market companies (companies with revenues between $25M and $1B employing between 100 and 10,000 people) are more likely to say the health of their company is strong, that their company is better off today than a year ago, and that their company has experienced increases in sales, product demand, and customers over the past year. 

As a group, they are pleased with the current state of the economy on the local, national and global levels, and their perceptions on all three economic fronts have grown increasingly more positive since 2015. Middle market executives also foresee a brighter future, with a majority expecting growth over the next 12 months through geographic expansion within the U.S., product diversification, growing the scope of their products/services, and expanding into adjacent markets. 

Watch the video now for more findings from the Voice of the Middle Market. To view CIT’s research, you can download our report here.

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