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Optimize your cashflow by actively managing payments

Now more than ever, companies need to have robust remote working systems in place. Especially with many companies experiencing business disruptions as they grapple with paying employees and managing customer needs in today’s climate.

While navigating today’s unique and changing climate, disbursement solutions can help your company while providing other benefits as well.

Optimize cashflow

Your liquidity is critical to your growth. As your company navigates these swiftly changing times, having cash at hand is more important than ever.

Whether you choose ACH services, an electronic payment method or controlled disbursements that allow you to optimize the use of available funds, make sure your company is getting the most benefit from the solutions available to help you better manage your cash flow and become more liquid.

Save time

Time is money. If you can save time, you can be at a competitive advantage, especially today.

It’s important to streamline your work. Eliminate the time it takes to write, process and clear checks. By moving away from manual processes and toward an online banking platform, your company can save time and money.

Increase convenience

Convenience is key – especially in today’s world. With most people unable to be on site, it’s important that their business continue to function remotely. With ACH services and wire transfer services, you can initiate transactions anytime, anywhere, through an online banking tool.

Manage risk

Security and risk management is as important as ever. With most U.S. companies currently being run remotely, fraudsters are looking at this as an opportunity. Utilizing a secure online banking platform and making electronic payments can reduce risks such as check fraud. Also, with wire transfer services, authorization requirements can be used to make sure the right people are able to send and approve those transfers.

Helping your company succeed

With disbursement solutions for managing payments, this important business function gets easier for you, your employees and your customers.

Especially in today’s complex remote-work environment, optimizing cashflow with tools that give you both the ability to easily track payments and make them from outside the office can give you peace of mind while giving your company an important competitive advantage.

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