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Building for tomorrow: Ja Kao on the importance of a lending partner that’s agile and reliable

Onyx Renewable Partners originates, develops, builds and operates renewable energy projects in locations across the United States – from projects for municipalities and school districts to military housing.

As a young business, Onyx Renewable Partners needed a financial services provider that would stand behind their projects.

CIT has earned the company’s trust.

“CIT has been one of our best banking partners because they are nimble and they have been very thoughtful,” says President and CEO Ja Kao. “They have spent time understanding what our business is and where they can create an innovative product that will help us streamline our business.”

Onyx Renewable Partners has both a West Coast coverage team and a New York coverage team at CIT, ensuring help is always available to keep moving the company’s projects forward. 

“We have come to them and said, ‘Here is a one-of-a-kind transaction. Can you figure out how to help us?’ And, they do. They go back and they are very thoughtful about what they can do,” she says, adding, “We also bank with CIT, allowing a seamless connection between our actual bank accounts as well as our financing. We trust them with every facet of our business.”

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