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T5 Data Centers - A Communications & Technology Financing Case Study

This video provides an exclusive look at how our communications & technology finance team used its knowledge and expertise in cloud technology and paired it with the understanding of T5 Data Centers’ unique model of business to provide financing solutions to help their organization grow and succeed.

Artificial intelligence, big data, the internet of things, the connected device: This is the cloud and it’s everywhere. It’s enabled by ultra-modern datacenters – climate-controlled spaces the size of football fields, powered with reliable energy sources including redundant mega-watt back-up generators, and tied together with miles of fiber optics. Enterprise data centers represent the new infrastructure of the global economy – every bit as important as roads, water and electricity.

"It was very important to me to forge a partnership with CIT. And with that partnership, we’re able to react very quickly to customer demands that we face all over the U.S. I need a capital partner that can react as quickly as I want to react,” said Pete Marin, President and CEO of T5 Data Centers. "CIT has made a significant difference in our success."

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