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Commercial Factoring Services

We are one of the most experienced providers in the factoring industry with over a century of expertise.

CIT's factoring services

Accounts receivable factoring is a financial tool that can help you improve cash flow, improve collections and control exposure to bad debts. Essentially, it provides you with working capital to run your businesses and have the peace of mind that you’ll get paid for approved and undisputed invoices through working with a factor.

How it works

You sell your product to a customer.
CIT works directly with your customer
Your company sells its receivables to CIT, and we pay you what you are owed within a reasonable timeframe so you can continue making goods and paying your employees.
This process brings steady cash flow to your company.

Notification factoring

Notification factoring provides an outsourcing option that includes customer credit analysis, accounts receivable collections and accounts receivable bookkeeping at a cost generally lower than if the functions were handled in-house. Accounts receivable are sold to CIT and we underwrite the buyer's financial ability to pay, while typically providing credit protection on approved and undisputed accounts.

Non-notification factoring

A non-notification factoring program is similar in many aspects to notification factoring. Non-notification factoring allows companies to utilize CIT for customer credit analysis while maintaining their own accounts receivable collections and bookkeeping departments. 

International factoring

This factoring option is typically available on a non-recourse, notification basis, although non-notification may be available in some cases. It can be used to facilitate either import or export sales. 

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Select credit accounts receivable protection

This type of factoring can be provided on either a notification or non-notification basis. It can be used to obtain credit protection on a select customer account or small group of accounts. This solution is used primarily for customer accounts that pose a concern to the seller for any reason (e.g., concentration, marginal risk, etc.).

Benefits of working with CIT for factoring


Throughout our 100-year history, CIT has supported clients by providing financial flexibility and innovative solutions to facilitate growth.


Unlike some firms that enter and exit markets based on cycles, our commitment to the marketplace is unparalleled. We have thousands of buyers in our database.


CIT is the one of the most experienced providers in the factoring industry. We are relationship-driven and pride ourselves on our employees’ experience and deep industry knowledge.


We offer what we believe to be best-in-class operations and systems to bolster your growth objectives.


Our internet-based system is available 24/7 to support your needs.

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