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International Factoring

We are one of the most experienced providers in the factoring industry with over a century of expertise.

CIT's international factoring services

International factoring services are typically available on a non-recourse, notification basis, although non-notification may be available in some cases. It can be used to facilitate either import or export sales.

Import & export factoring


For an import program, CIT provides credit protection with respect to a foreign supplier's U.S. accounts receivable sold on open terms. We assume the financial ability of the buyer to pay on approved and undisputed receivables, and also service the accounts receivable by performing credit analysis, collections, and bookkeeping. 


Through the export program, CIT offers a financing solution for U.S. companies selling internationally. We work with you to establish credit lines for their foreign buyers. We can also manage overseas collections, accounts receivable bookkeeping, and reporting where desired. This tailored solution allows you to increase export sales and reduce credit losses, while maintaining cash flow and controlling expenses. 

FCI Annual Factor of the Year Awards

Recognized by FCI

For each of the last three years, CIT’s commercial services business was recognized by Factors Chain International (FCI) in its Annual Factor of the Year Awards. Out of over 300 members, CIT’s commercial services business earned first place in the category of Import Factor of the Year in 2015, and ranked second for both 2016 and 2017.

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