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Supply Chain Finance

We help buyers and their suppliers unlock working capital and mitigate risks.

CIT's supply chain finance solution

Supply chain finance (SCF) allows buyers to optimize their working capital by extending their payment terms while providing an on-demand pool of liquidity for their suppliers. Under this program, suppliers have the ability to sell their buyer approved receivables to CIT prior to maturity at a small discount. By aligning the needs of both the buyers and the sellers, it is truly a "win-win" opportunity and minimizes risk across the supply chain.

Reaping the benefits of SCF

CIT’s cloud-based platform capabilities will give Supply Chain Finance clients around-the-clock access to a new source of liquidity, empowering them to easily exchange electronic records and trigger financial transactions. Purchase of an invoice can happen quickly, rather than taking days or even weeks. In addition, CIT as the solution and liquidity provider is in position to streamline the implementation process and create from the beginning a better user experience for buyers and suppliers. 

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Buyer benefits

  • Extend payment terms
  • Improve days of payable outstanding (DPO)
  • Lower purchase prices
  • Reduce supplier risk

Supplier benefits

  • Leverage buyer’s credit
  • Reduce days of sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Receive immediate payment for outstanding approved invoices
  • Gain early visibility into approved invoices

The process

Supply chain finance process diagram

"As companies look ahead to the coming tax season, it may be helpful to consider SCF as a solution to the new Section 163(j) 30 percent interest deduction limit."

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