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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Community Association FAQs

When opening account for a new association account, if an association does not have article of incorporation, what are the other options?

If articles of incorporation cannot be provided, two (2) of the following documents may be obtained. One of the two documents must be those listed as official as shown below.

  • Management Company Agreement w/HOA (1st & last pages)
  • Federal Tax Return Official (most recent year)
  • Bylaws
  • State Filing—W-9 Official etc.
  • Utility bill bearing association's name
  • Declaration of Trust
  • Cancelled check paid from HOA account from another bank

C-PropertyPay FAQs

Why am I being redirected to a new website when I try to make a payment?

We are directing you to make a payment on our payment site, C-PropertyPay. This is a safe and secure redirect provided by CIT.

What is C-PropertyPay?

C-PropertyPay is our online payment site which makes it simple and quick for you to make payments via card or electronic check. You can also download the Property Pay Mobile App to manage your account from your mobile device. Simply search for Property Pay in either Google PlayTM or the App store.

Do I have to create a new login ID and password in C-PropertyPay?

Yes. Please create a new user ID and Password. Protecting your information is important to us, you may be able to use the same user ID, but there are new requirements for both user ID and passwords. You will also need information regarding your property from your statement or payment coupon, such as Management ID, Association ID and Property ID.

Will this change to C-PropertyPay delay the processing of my payments?

No, there are no delays to payment processing. All payments submitted or scheduled in C-PropertyPay will processed on the payment date selected.

How do I delete my payment schedule and/or profile?

  1. Go to our previous site
  2. Select either pay by check or pay by card
  3. Log in

To delete your payment schedule 

  • Select Scheduled Payments on Step 4
  • Select Delete next to scheduled payment
  • Select Confirm to confirm scheduled payment deletion

To delete your payment profile

  • Select My Profile on Step 1
  • Select Delete Profile
  • Select Delete to confirm profile deletion

Where can I get help if I'm having problems making a payment or creating my account in C-PropertyPay?

Contact our Customer Service Call Center for assistance at 866-800-4656, option 2. We can help answer any questions you may have about C-PropertyPay.

Online user guides are available: