• Corporate Citizenship Frequently Asked Questions

    • Does CIT have a foundation?
      CIT used to have a company-sponsored foundation, but we now handle all of the corporation's philanthropic efforts through the Corporate Giving department. This allows us to work more closely with the organizations we support.
    • How can my organization apply for funding from the CIT Corporate Giving department?
      Please review our funding guidelines and submit your proposal  in writing to Darrah Feldman.
    • How does CIT decide which organizations to support?
      CIT commitment to support a diverse number of nonprofit institutions exemplifies our longstanding role as a responsible corporate citizen. The organizations we support are based on CIT relationship with its employees, customers and the communities in which we live and work.
    • What is the deadline to submit a proposal?
      We accept proposals at any time.
    • Is there a formal application form to fill out?
      We do not have a formal application. We simply request that your proposal include the information requested in the criteria and guidelines  section of our Web site.
    • How much funding should I apply for?
      Your proposal should reflect the needs of your organization and should clearly indicate the scope and reach of the specific project in need of funding.
    • After I submit a proposal, when will I know if it was approved for funding?
      After your proposal has gone through our review process, we will contact you with a answer in writing as quickly as possible.
    • When can I reapply if my proposal was not accepted?
      CIT receives requests from many valuable organizations and, regrettably, we cannot support all of them. CIT reviews proposals on a year-to-year basis, so it is a good idea to resubmit your proposal the following calendar year.
    • My proposal was approved. Should I submit a new proposal each year, or will my organization automatically receive a grant next year?
      To ensure that we're meeting the current needs of organizations, we consider proposals on a year-to-year basis. Unfortunately, our support of an organization in one year does not guarantee support in future years.