• Business Scholarships for Students

    We help students reach their highest potential by providing business scholarships to colleges within our local communities. 

  • Business Scholarships for Students

    CIT provides colleges in our local communities with grants to provide students with CIT business scholarships. These scholarships help worthy students, increase visibility in our local communities, and support recruiting efforts. The scholarships are offered to six schools in our communities:

    Averett University
    Danville Community College
    Rutgers Business School
    Seton Hall University
    The College of New Jersey
    University of North Florida

    Each of these listed colleges defines the parameters for the students selected.  The funds are given directly to the college, which then develops its own criteria for selecting the scholarship winners. At a minimum all recipients must have a 3.0 GPA and be majoring in business. This program continues in 2016.

    The CIT Group Inc. Business Scholarship program started at one college, and expanded significantly with the support of the senior executive team, wanting to do more for local students.